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Shoes by jaevairny Shoes :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 0 I heard you like velocipedes by jaevairny I heard you like velocipedes :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 0 The Light Side by jaevairny The Light Side :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 0
The Eighth Daughter
Once upon a time, there was a king who lived in a peaceful and prosperous land quite far away from here. Now this king, like most kings of his era, was very rich and powerful, and he had eight beautiful daughters besides. The king was very proud of his daughters, as well he should be. For each daughter, in addition to being heart-stoppingly beautiful, had been taught a unique skill by a wise and learned fairy tutor, the better to marry her off to some rich and powerful prince.
The first daughter could spin any kind of material you liked, be it flax or silk or cotton or wool. She could even spin straw into gold, though she didn't like to do it often for fear of showing off. Whatever she spun, she could spin it so fine it would pass through a needle a hundred times, which is really showing off, if you ask me. The next daughter could sing so beautifully, she could captivate the opposite sex with her music alone. Even male animals would swoon at the sound of her voice, and don't get me sta
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My Girlfriend is a Mad Scientist
My girlfriend is a mad scientist.
Her Facebook page said nothing of this.
But that's kind of important, don't know how you could miss
Mentioning that you're a mad scientist.
In the morning when most girls do their makeup and hair,
She puts on a labcoat and protective eyewear.
Birthdays are tricky, 'cause the one thing she wants
Is world domination, and that won't fit in a box.
In true villain style, she named her cat Artemis
When she makes her inventions, he helps her with this.
He sits on her lap and he purrs and purrs
As she conducts experiments to see what occurs.
That's right, my girlfriend is a mad scientist.
I wish that her friends would have informed me of this.
But not one of them told me, so I might have to ask
For the dominated world, when she completes the task...
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Less Than Three
I've fallen for a geeky guy.
I'm beyond the laws of gravity;
I'm falling so fast, I'll end up in the past
And never reach a terminal velocity.
Geekiness is hot; it's no surprise.
And you know what's really neat?
He calculates the dilation of my eyes
To find my precise specific heat.
A cute angel measures acute angles
And applies the Pythagorean Theorem
Whispering yummy formulae in my auditory canal,
At such a low amplitude I can barely hear 'em.
You say two bodies can't occupy
The same space at once?
Well, the laws of attraction these bodies follow
Make Newton look a dunce.
So if you're looking for me,
You'll find the one you seek
Concocting heterogeneous mixtures
In the lab with my favorite geek.
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Yellow 5
O, rare beverage in a can so green
chock full of the finest caffeine
wakes me up when I should be snoozing
always first beverage of my choosing
strangely yellow like nuclear waste
how do I love thy artificial taste?
O, I like it neat or on the rocks
24 cans in a cardboard box
tear it apart and chug them down
'til I'm ready to hit the town
I like it alone or with my crew
how I love thee, Mountain Dew.
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WeAreBorg pentameter
We are the Borg, it's futile to resist.
Life as you know it will cease to exist.
Immediately lower your ship's shield,
And power down the weapons that you wield.
That which makes you distinct will be our own.
We will assimilate you as a drone.
Your culture will adapt to serve the hive;
You'll be assigned a name like Six of Five.
(And anyway you probably won't be missed.)
We are the Borg, it's futile to resist.
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Twinkle, Twinkle, Nyan Cat
Twinkle, twinkle Nyan Cat,
deep in space is where you're at.
Up above the world so high,
8-bit Pop-Tart in the sky.
YouTube meme with rainbow trail
streaming out behind your tail
with sparkly stars - imagine that!
Twinkle, twinkle Nyan Cat.
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1600 x 1200 desktop wallpaper: Brick Mailbox Hell by jaevairny 1600 x 1200 desktop wallpaper: Brick Mailbox Hell :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 0 1600 x 1200 desktop wallpaper: Fairy Circle 2 by jaevairny 1600 x 1200 desktop wallpaper: Fairy Circle 2 :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 0 1280 x 800 desktop wallpaper: iCat by jaevairny 1280 x 800 desktop wallpaper: iCat :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 0 1280 x 800 desktop wallpaper: Peas on Earth by jaevairny 1280 x 800 desktop wallpaper: Peas on Earth :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 0 Beaded hemp bracelet DNA by jaevairny Beaded hemp bracelet DNA :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 0 Bracelet Solar Flare by jaevairny Bracelet Solar Flare :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 0 Necklace Luau by jaevairny Necklace Luau :iconjaevairny:jaevairny 0 2


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by Aranwen

Oh, my goodness. I make jewelry, but it is not as cool as this. I don't even really know how such things are made, but I know beautiful...

I love this piece. It tugged on my heartstrings and made me cry at the end because I struggle with exactly the same thing. The concept ...

Creepadelic, man. He looks like he's gonna bite your head off just for looking at him the wrong way. The eyes are the best part - they ...

I have always wanted to visit Stonehenge, and this piece takes me there. I have done a lot of research on what Stonehenge is, what it m...



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